This is an error page and it is displayed every time an error is found through application functioning. Along this page you will be able to find the type of error on top of the page, a brief explanation about this very error and a button to access SolarPVsoft Application Help to obtain more information about the displayed error

In case you would like to keep going on with calculation process, you can click on one of the two buttons on the bottom of the page. Both have the same goal as on results page. 'Start over!' button, redirects to the functionality page with values loaded by default, however 'Keep same values!' button redirects to the same functionality as well, but it will display user input values before the error was raised, thus users can keep working with same values and make changes to avoid this error again.

Brief explanation

Error raised whenever there is an error through calculation process. These errors are normally raised by the action of dividing a number by zero (for example). Please be sure input values may return a result

Error picture

If you had any doubt about this error or you would like to know more about SolarPVsoft functioning, please click on the following link to access our Application Help section! Application Help